Update Apps on iOS 13 (new)

The update of apps on iOS 13 has changed compared to iOS 12. Of course, there is always the automatic update mode for your applications is still functional. It is rather for manual updates that the practice varies as we will tell you here. For other novelties of iOS 13, Also check out our tip for Enable Dark Mode on iOS 13/ iPadOS 13.


If you don’t want to worry about your apps, then the easiest thing to do is activate the automatic update for apps. To do this, go first to Settings, iTunes Store and App Store.



Now, under the Automatic Downloads section, simply check the Apps Update feature. You have just activated Automation for iOS 13 updates.




If you want to update your apps on a case-by-case basis, take the time to read the patches and add-ons. Anyway, if you like to do this manually… here’s how to do it! Go to the App Store icon. Note that if your iPhone has the 3D Touch feature, it is also possible to press the App Store icon and then choose the Updates menu.



When updates are there for your apps, this is reported near your ID icon with the number of updates in white on a red background (as before). Type in your ID.



Go to the Available Updates section.



You can either validate “Update everything” or manually update the apps you are interested in on a case-by-case basis via the “Update” button in front of the applications concerned.



The updates of your apps are in progress and apply in the process.


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