Save a web page in PDF on iPhone with Safari

Saving a web page in PDF on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch 6th generation with Safari on iOS 12 or higher is quite possible. In fact, iOS 12 natively manages the PDF format, so it is not necessary to add a third party application. You can then store the PDF directly in your iPhone’s internal memory or on iCloud Drive.



Launch the Safari web browser and Open a web page of your choice. Click on the bottom menu bar on the share icon.


Then search for the “Create PDF” icon and select it



You should immediately see a window of the time-stamped Safari browser (for example Safari – Sep 19, 2019 at 2:52 PM) and a Done button in blue that you must of course press.



Now all you have to do is determine the backup location of your web page that will become a full-fledged PDF document. Type the blue menu named “Save File to…”



You now have two options. The PDF document can be stored directly in the memory of your iPhone/iPad which is rather convenient if the free 5 GB iCloud account space is saturated or in iCloud Drive.



The PDF format is very easy to use also on a Mac, if you are looking for interesting topics about Mac or iPhone, without hesitating consult our website thanks.

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