Install Apple TV Aerial on Mac (screen saver)

If you have an Apple TV 4gen or Apple TV 4K under tvOS 12.1 you probably already enjoy the beautiful screen saver «Aerial Views». With this tip, know that you will be able to install Apple TV Aerial on Mac (macOS/ Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux) and enjoy this wonderful «screensaver» free with splendid 4K aerial views of many countries cities and regions of the world (USA, China, Dubai, Ireland, Korea, Japan, etc.). Lovers and fans of friendly screens.


Visit John Coates Project Github. As in the example below, download the ZIP file «Aerial.saver.zip» which weighs just over 4 MB.

Under the Safari browser, the ZIP archive is self-extracting. Under Google Chrome you will need to unzip the ZIP file on Mac manually. Once the archive is unzipped, you only have to double-click on the «Aerial.saver» element for its installation.

You will immediately receive a notification “You must install the “Aerial” screen saver to use it. Would you like to install it now? ». Click the Install button in Red.

Now all you need to do is activate Apple TV Aerial on your Mac by going to the Apple menu , System Preferences… Desktop and Screen Saver. At the bottom of the list, you will click just once on Aerial to set it by default.

If you want, you can also click on the button “Screen Saver Options…”, the parameters are extremely numerous (cities, text, contrast, cache, etc.).

If you are running Windows 10 or Linux, there are also dedicated versions of Aerial for these Oses. Just go to Windows on the cDima/Aerial page and to GNU/Linux on graysky2/xscreensaver-aerial.

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