Home button down on iPhone? Add a virtual home button!

Home button broken on iPhone or iPad or just at the end of life? While waiting to replace this precious Home button in the Apple Store or by your own means, by following the many tutorials available on the web, here is how to add a virtual and equally functional Home button.



The iPhone/ iPad has a virtual home button. To benefit from it, if necessary, just activate it. Go to Settings, General. Then, under Accessibility, scroll down to the Interaction menu.



Tap Assistivetouch and move the button to the “on” position (green button). You already see a virtual home button on the screen, it’s normal! But now you have to customize your behavior so that it is similar in operation to the Home hardware button.




Now go to the menu named Customize Parent Menu… Remove all icons with the “-” key to leave only one: the Home menu icon (Home button).



In the end, it will only have to remain the main button of the iPhone and its behavior will necessarily be only a Home button (single pressure, double pressure, long pressure for SIRI, etc.)



This is the result you need to get on the iPhone or iPad screen. Configuration is now complete. The Home button is displayed.



You have now a Virtual Home button that you can move to any location on the screen. It works the same way as the physical button and is ready to help you if the real Home button malfunctions.


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